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Akamal is back!

Posted in Ramblings by akamal on March 12, 2010

I’ve been very quite the last few years in respect to maintaining this blog. Mainly because I had no direction to the articles presented, or it could be that I am just one lazy writer. Whatever the reason is,  I think now is the best time to jump ship, joining a fray of other bloggers who loves spilling out what they do with their so called boring life, filling in pages of self indulging I’ve been here, did that, wanting this, wishing that, and stuff.

So, what will my new concept be? I guess it’ll be a combination of bits and pieces of ramblings, seriously serious postings, or it could just be rubbish!


My learning style?

Posted in Ramblings by akamal on February 19, 2009

It’s been a few weeks since the start of semester 2 for my postgrad course, and like any other course, time has taken a burden on its toll. Assignments now come in heavy volumes, just to be worked on and submitted. Field trips are, like usual, scheduled at very inconvenient times ahead of coursework deadlines. If there’s one thing I am sorely missing, it’s the free times that I get to spend with my family, or maybe more that I get to spend with the TV. Muahaha.

The other day, a communication skill class was conducted on us students, being a first of its kind in this course. One particular activity stood out compared to the rest for that day. It was something to do with getting to know your prefered learning style. Basically, according to these guys handling the course, backed by countless researches that claim on such accuracy, there are 4 disciplines of styles in learning:

ACTIVISTS (one who learns by actually doing the stuff)

REFLECTIVE (takes time by reviewing the experience)

PRAGMATIST (seeking and tryiing out new ideas)

THEORIST (well as the name suggests, one who likes to play with logic, bwah!)

As it turns out, I scored equally high on both ACTIVIST and RELFECTOR part, affirming my concern of being unable to sip on theories all these while. Majority of the class scored on REFLECTOR and THEORIST. Blow me away, I guess that’s why it has been very slow for me to link up what I’ve been studying in geology with my understanding. It proves to be disheartening, but if there’s something that needs to be done, I’ve got to use the just proven styles to cope up with my studies, and it has got to start now.

Hello world!

Posted in Ramblings by akamal on January 12, 2007

Hi, it’s refreshing to see my first post here in this blog, solely created to record my software development undertakings and lessons / knowledge learned in geophysics.

I’m not being egoistic, or just having a shout out of how great life is with my current career. No, infact, it’s a diffcult career to be, in geophysics that is. There’s constant learning everywhere, technologies and theories emerging month by month, voiding the knowledge you acquired just recently, plus you’d have to understand geology, which sometimes amuses me of the amount of things you need to know, just like medicine.

And also, just because I came here with a paper on computer science, I’m expected to know on clusters, parallel processing and top-down low-high level programming.

So, I decided that I need to record what I know, and what more interesting way than to blog?

The other main reason for a blog? I am currently assigned to one of the task only seniours would dare to dream, a programming project leader, requiring me to battle my wits producing a state of the art geophysical software. Ain’t that something?

Yes, it is, and it’s making my life like hell. I’m going to go heads on with big guns like Schlumberger, Landmark, CGG and Veritas. So, here I am, writing as if I have nothing else to do. And yeah, pray for my luck. I’m gonna need it.