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Baisn Analysis – So what’s with Sequence Stratigraphy?

Posted in Geology by akamal on May 16, 2009

Q – The main question always comes up first, what is sequence stratigraphy?

A – Well, I can tell you that it actually deals a lot with the examination and interpretation of sedimentary strata, with several implications as below:

  • Based on Vertical and lateral facies relationship. [KW]:- Facies
  • Subdivision of sedimentary basin fill into Genetic Packages, bounded by time significant surfaces. [KW]:- Genetic Packages
  • Units and bounding surfaces controlled by changes in Relative Sea Level and Sediment Influx. [KW]:- Controls, Sea Level, Sediment Influx
  • Provides a time framework for the correlation, mapping and preiction of stratigraphy from basin to field scale. [KW]:- Time Framework

Q – Advantages of Seq Strat includes among all:

A –

  • Provide a process based interpretation. [KW]:- Process based interpretation
  • Predictive (Spatial and temporal relationship of facies). [KW]:- Well, Predictive
  • Applies to seismic, log, core and outcrop. [KW]:- Applies to data
  • Common language between discipline. [KW]:-language

Q – Difference between Lithostratigraphic Correlation and Seq Strat Correlation:

A –

  • Lithostratigraphic correclation differentiate between lithology of rock types. The latter deals with changes dealing with sea level.