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Blog Purpose

The sole reason I’m creating this blog is to somehow record my journey undertaking Geophysical software development at PETRONAS Research Center. To be all honest, I’ve been quite a lazy bump for the past few months, so I decided that if there’s some way to keep me motivated in this struggle (s/w development is indeed one), then having a blog and an audience (with expectations of progress) would keep me up and running.

So here’s the introduction, my team and I are currently doing a big geophysical research project, endorsed by PETRONAS Carigali. Our research purpose is to prove and quantify tolerance in depth uncertainties, seemingly a huge problem in exploration and production over hydrocarbon, a.k.a oil.

My task is to come up with an automated workflow to solve the problem, otherwise known as the software. So, just sit back and relax on what I’ve got to say here in the coming months….


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