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The name’s Ahmad Kamal Azmi. Nickname’s akamal. Used to be kaydknight, but ceased since then, coz 1) it’s too hard for others to spell it out, and; 2) follows my email address,

Career? Currently working as a geophysicist at some company OHOFDBjBUVFDV.

Kamal Passport

Hobbies? Loves tennis, computer games, programming for leisure, and t.v. Yeah, I can’t live without t.v, just so to let you know. I’m married [defaults my status to unavailable] to my universityHood friend, and having 2 sweet children, NOT! hmmm… not yet.

Tools and IDE of interest:
IDE: Visual C++ 2005 (Express Edition)
Widget Lib: Qt-4.2.3, qwt-5.0.1
Graphic Lib: Coin3d-2.4.5, SimVoleon-2.0.0
All puspose Lib: Boost for C++

Why do I blog? Well, the main purpose this spot exists in the first place, is to ……….. you can read my post here.


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  1. baya said, on January 12, 2007 at 10:34 am

    abg kamal…is my senior in uniten.he married with my ex housemate,syamsiah…i know them since 2003.very sweet couple in uniten n im very hepy when know they were getting married.Abg kamal is very nice person.very gentleman n soft spoken.He helped me a lot when i got problems.hope to meet u soon abg kamal.hepy new year.hope to see ur baby soon.hehehhe…

  2. akamal said, on January 13, 2007 at 2:49 pm

    Hey Baya, thanks a bunch for the kind comment, I’m proud to say that you’re the first to post your thoughts in this blog!

    Hope everything’s going well with you, especially on your studies. About the baby, hehe… hope to have one too, both me and kak syam…

    All the best to you anyway, do visit this site often ya?

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