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Preface : BOT Research Project Intro

Posted in Software Update by akamal on January 12, 2007

I’d like to take this opportunity to write an important introduction of what I currently do, my job that is.

I am one of the team member of this rebel group (kidding) under geoscience department at PETRONAS Research, actively researching on subsurface technology.
Here are the details on the project :

Project Title: Enhancing Velocity Determination Techniques and Quantifying Tolerance in Depth Uncertainties for subSurface Geological evaluation

Project Budgeted: RM15.6 Million MYR

Duration: 3 years

Project Brief: To determine and develop a robust technique for optimum velocity/depth models and to quantify tolerance in final models and images for complex geological areas. Conversion of seismic time images to depth domain as an earth model is crucial to reflect the real reflection location. Velocity is critical to recreate actual subsurface structural images and true reservoir location.

That’s what at least is required. I’m assigned on the software development part, to automate the quantification of tolerance in depth uncertainties. Simply known as just Time to Depth Conversion software.


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