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PETRONAS Chronicles says : Hello World

Posted in Software Update by akamal on January 12, 2007

Hi, since this is the first post on software updates, I think a run-down of the software is needed to keep this blog going!

Developing a Time Depth Conversion software requires me to write not only the workflow involved in those methods, but I somehow have to come up with a COMPLETE SOLUTION.

Don’t be fazed by the word, a brave look into English for Idiots gave me this clear definition, haha:

Incorporate a complete workbench, automated workflow, not forgetting data loading / operation / database management, systems core of the software, graphical representations of the data and such. You get the picture.

Honestly speaking, 2006 hasn’t been the most pleasant ride for me, especially on software development. Not ranting or anything, but I took almost a year to familiarize myself with the terms and standardization of this “geophysical” thing.

FYI, the software is currently developed using MATLAB. Yeah, it’s a cumbersome language, easy to use, but limited in expandability. Kinda restraining for the future of a software growth. But IF I’m required to justify on the language used, I’d give only 2 reasons:

  1. There’s only 2 geo-programmers to dvlp a software as complete as one with 20 pro-programmers!
  2. The geophysical world is COMPLEX!

There are plans for me to migrate to C++. I’m fast at coding, a speedo typer, and a fast learner. The only thing I need to do now is to complete the software, albeit limited functionality, and when everything’s checked alright, the methods, workflow, I’d then make that move to C++.

Until then, may the journey begin! As Yankumi (ref: Gokusen) used to say,

Fight ooo! Ohh!!!

And yeah, what’s up with PETRONAS Chronicles? It’s the software name…


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  1. Azlan said, on January 16, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Hehe, ok, you’re doing software development indeed. Developing on a ground you never stepped on is always difficult.

    Is Matlab really that bad? How bad is it compared to C++? At least I know it’s not as difficult as C++ / Java would be. Enlighten me…

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