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Hello world!

Posted in Ramblings by akamal on January 12, 2007

Hi, it’s refreshing to see my first post here in this blog, solely created to record my software development undertakings and lessons / knowledge learned in geophysics.

I’m not being egoistic, or just having a shout out of how great life is with my current career. No, infact, it’s a diffcult career to be, in geophysics that is. There’s constant learning everywhere, technologies and theories emerging month by month, voiding the knowledge you acquired just recently, plus you’d have to understand geology, which sometimes amuses me of the amount of things you need to know, just like medicine.

And also, just because I came here with a paper on computer science, I’m expected to know on clusters, parallel processing and top-down low-high level programming.

So, I decided that I need to record what I know, and what more interesting way than to blog?

The other main reason for a blog? I am currently assigned to one of the task only seniours would dare to dream, a programming project leader, requiring me to battle my wits producing a state of the art geophysical software. Ain’t that something?

Yes, it is, and it’s making my life like hell. I’m going to go heads on with big guns like Schlumberger, Landmark, CGG and Veritas. So, here I am, writing as if I have nothing else to do. And yeah, pray for my luck. I’m gonna need it.


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  1. TheWhahidah said, on February 20, 2007 at 11:13 pm

    Hi abang,

    Glad to know of your existence in the blogosphere!! I didn’t think you were DEAD serious about having a blog when we had that short chat on MSN few weeks ago. Bravo, big bro! Keep on posting (despite the fact that the only posts I could fathom are categorized under Ramblings). It’d be ace if you could include some updates or pics of you and Kak Sham (and the rest of the family) =) But if that conflicts with the errr..academic interest of this blog, then you should probably go online a bit more frequently!!

    That Lil Sis Who Had Everything

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